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From Here to There: Charting A Career Path

Sometime back in high school (if we were paying attention!), we probably learned that a compass needle is affected by magnetic force, which varies from point to point and is constantly changing. You'll likely be quite surprised by the striking metaphor that follows...

When charting a career path in television news, an agent acts as a compass enabling one to move progressively from one place to another. Like a compass, an agent guides and supports its user by charting transient, unpredictable changes in higher latitudes, defining and locating possible obstacles, correcting deviations and measuring distance and time between where one is and where one wants to be.

There are many compasses from which to choose when striving to reach a final destination, but picking the correct compass is essential. There are also many types of agents and it is important to choose one who understands your goals and who will best represent both your professional abilities and personal character to television executives throughout the industry.

At Pam Pulner and Associates (PP&A) it has been our goal for more than twenty-five years to provide each client with the direction and support necessary to cultivate mutual professional and personal growth. Your goals are our goals and in working together, the objective is to chart the path and reach a targeted destination.

PP&A represents a client base of medium, top market and network television professionals and is well known for the personal attention each client receives. To ensure superior representation and our level of commitment, PP&A maintains a controlled and limited client base.

Distances and direction take a bit of figuring, but with the right guidance and support getting from here to there can be achieved successfully. At PP&A, we are always looking for talented, motivated professionals in all markets ready to explore and expand their career goals.

Remember that there are sixteen points of the compass and you do not want to head for them all at the same time - chart a path and follow it straight to success!

We look forward to seeing your demo.


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